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Servicemembers: Tax Info & FAQs

Find answers to common tax questions unique to military service, and learn about the free tax services available to those who serve.

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Thank you for your service!

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Free Tax Prep Options

Free Tax Preparation Options for Servicemembers

Department of Defense's MilTax Service

MilTax provides FREE tax preparation and filing software for all military servicemembers, regardless of income. Eligible individuals include members of the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines and National Guard. Coast Guard members serving under Title 10 authority are entitled to the services as well. Retired and honorably discharged members are eligible for up to 180 days past their separation date.

Access MilTax using the following link:

For Coast Guard members not serving under Title 10, CG SUPRT offers a service similar to MilTax. To learn more, visit the Coast Guard's information page using the following link:

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program

Military members, including retirees, are eligible to receive free tax consultation and preparation through VITA locations. VITA specialists are trained to address military-specific tax issues like combat-zone benefits and applying Earned Income Credit guidelines.

Find your nearest VITA site using the following link:

Free File Program

Servicemembers who made $73,000 or less in 2022 qualify for free online tax preparation services through the IRS Free File program. The program is made possible through a public-private partnership between the IRS and the Free File Alliance---a coalition of leading tax preparation software companies. Active duty servicemembers and their spouses who meet the income limitation may choose from nine of the ten Free File companies without regard to additional eligibility requirements.

Use the IRS's Free File Lookup Tool to quickly find a qualifying Free File company based on your specific situation:

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